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Nujan is a Web-based collaborative IDE that empowers blockchain developers by providing an all-in-one platform.

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The future of
Smart contracts

Our revolutionary platform designed to empower both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the world of smart contract development. With seamless accessibility from anywhere, on any device, Nujan eliminates the need for cumbersome setups, allowing you to focus solely on building, debugging, and deploying smart contracts effortlessly.

The Contract
Development Flow

Nujan has successfully optimized the contract development process, condensing it into a concise and efficient three-step framework.

Our Products

Explore our cutting-edge blockchain development tools and collaborative IDE, simplifying smart contract creation and deployment for developers worldwide.

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Integrated Development

Nujan is a browser-based IDE. It is designed to help you write, test, deploy, and Interact with your smart contract. You can also collaborate, Share code and Access a number of other features.

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AI Assistant

Our code assistant simplifies smart contract writing with intelligent prompts, bug analysis, automated code explanation, improvements, commenting and smart contract audits. level up your development process

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Contract Hub

Nujan offers templates for multiple use cases. Nujan is a No code contract deployment platform where users can deploy directly or change code with out IDE as per requirment

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tool / Product

Integrated with IDE, our marketplace seamlessly connects project managers with developers. Managers can effortlessly post jobs/tasks while developers work on micro task. It provides real-time progress visibility and streamlining collaboration for efficient outcomes

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Our Team
Shashank Chauhan
Product & User Experience
Rahul Yadav

Hear from our users about the transformative impact of Nujan`s collaborative IDE on their blockchain development journey.

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